ClamTXT was created simply as a fun project over 7 years ago for my friends and I to play jokes on unsuspecting classmates. Quickly, it grew into a community filled with the most interesting sons of bitches I've ever met.

For all of the regulars of ClamTXT, I thank every one of you for your dedication to the site and the unconditional love you've shown me with both the monetary contributions to the site and the time you've invested moderating the chat, queue, and forum. Furthermore, this site has given me many great memories that will not fade any time soon.

As of now, it is unfortunately time to say goodbye to ClamTXT as due to changes in today's texting suppliers, the functionality of the site as it is now is far too expensive and time consuming to maintain. Additionally, the high rate of abuse of the site has always had me dealing with many harassment cases and interactions with police/attornies. I did not design this site nor ever wanted it to be used in that way. It was merely designed to play a pesky joke on existing friends or work collegues, not to be used against people you hate.

ClamTXT will be re-invented as a new concept called

It will have similar features as ClamTXT but with a safer, more legal approach and a sustainable platform that will allow the site to keep running financially. It will also have sophisticated AI technology that can detect what they reply with and reply accordingly to make for amusing text pranks.

I have set aside this month to work on Prankzy and have it finished for you guys. I hope to have it up and running by the end of the month. Stay tuned!

In the mean time, feel free to visit my other website!

As always, you may contact me with questions (or just to talk) at [email protected]